I'm Corey Hunt

Hi, I’m Corey Hunt.

A San Francisco based, UX/UI designer with 4+ years experience producing for mobile and web.

Who am I?

The Quick and the Dumb

The things that exist because if felt like building something.

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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

So far, in my career, I've been fortunate enough to work in teams where I am a user interface designer, visual designer, and front-end developer. When designing, at the forefront of my mind, are the business goals, the accessibility of the product, and making sure the aesthetic is beautiful and concise. I don't consider myself a developer, but more a designer who codes. As a designer who codes, I am always cognizant of what it will take to implement my design work and love working in cross-functional teams.

When I'm not designing at work, I'm probably designing and developing a personal project at home; I have an understanding wife.

BUT, when I am not doing that, I'm stacking stamps on my passport, watching a horror movie, or striving to be a half-way decent photographer.

You can EMAIL ME or check out my Resume and find me on LinkedIn, Behance, or Instagram.