Im Corey Hunt.

A San Francisco-based interaction and visual designer with 6+ years of experience producing for mobile and web.

Quick Hit Projects

The things that exist because if felt like building something.

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Something’s cooking. Watch this space.

Insincere Notes Note Generator

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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Corey Hunt from the front

My mission is to assist organizations in designing and building user interactions for a diverse collection of customers.

As a designer, I pair my years of experience in UX/UI design and front-end development with my unique perspective and background to help organizations build inclusive products. As an interaction designer, I weave together a contemporary design aesthetic, accessible design practices, and informed decision-making to create engaging user experiences.

Being a designer who codes, I am always mindful of what it will take to implement a design, and I love working in cross-functional teams. When I'm not helping create amazing experiences, I'm likely putting in work on personal projects, collecting stamps on my passport, watching a horror movie, or striving to be a halfway decent photographer.